Fancy Feast and Home cooking

Earlier this afternoon, I went to Shopwise Makati to buy some stuff for the house and some cat food for my companions. I was actually surprised to see a new line of cat food from Fancy Feast, it also has a new packaging. Normally, I buy the fancy feast Beef in Gravy, because it is their favorite among the Salmon and Trout. The new flavor is Seafood, packaging really has a big impact to consumers. For price, it is still the same, 1 small can costs P29.75 But it is far more safe than giving them Whiskas which really is bad for them. It’s commercial food and contains high ash magnesium which is bad for a cat’s health. So I always go for fancy feast for wet and 9Lives for kibbles (P240 for 2.5kgs)

Pictures below:




My mistake, it’s the packaging that is new but flavor and ingredients still the same.

Sundays, is what keeps most family together, because everyone is at home and we all get to eat together as a family from breakfast till dinner. Mom bought some burger patties from Legaspi Organic Market and for merienda, I made hamburgers for the family. Nothing really fancy, just good ol’ burgers! Ingredients consist of the following:


                                Oilve oil





Image0663 Image0658             

The patties, were spiced with dried basil, pepper, salt and a tad bit of soy sauce, those were the spices available at that time

End product:

Image0665  Verdict: The meat was cooked just right and spices too, although it can taste more better with other spices available in the supermarket. Was just topped with fresh lettuce.

The con: choice of sandwich bun, for a big sized patty as big as the palm of my hand was too thin for the patty. But everything else was good!


Weekend is about to end once again, hopefully next week will be a better week for me.



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