Saturday’s breakfast


  Wonderful Saturday morning everyone! Thankfully I had a good sleep last night, been tired lately. I just want to catch up on some Zzz’s because I only get 5-6 hours of sleep max during the week. Just worried that my health may take it’s toll on me in the long run and I don’t want that. Anyway, for today’s post just wanted to share what I cooked for the family for breakfast. Well, it’s not really a mind blowing meal really. Decided to cook turmeric rice, spam, omelette and heated the adobong kangkong.

Image1031                                L-R: Spam and Turmeric RiceImage1033                                                        Omelette

I accidentally poured too much pepper but it still tasted okay.

And the whole time I was cooking my other kitty was there the whole time either because he’s the sweetest one or just waiting patiently to be fed. haha.

Image1035                                                               wink

He says good morning too! Enjoy!



4 thoughts on “Saturday’s breakfast

  1. Lady E says:

    Aren't all cats like that? Mine always stay outside the kitchen door whenever I cook. Your cat is so cute and clean! Unlike mine who are tamad to take a bath.

  2. Kitten says:

    @Lady E: Thanks, I just adopted this kitty last year before Onday came. He just looks clean, but smells a bit, haha! Btw, thanks for following, much appreciated. Looking forward to more of your food blog ^_^

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