Breakfast at Country Style

  Good morning Ladies, as promised here is my post for my new found fave at Country Style, recently looks like it’s been food posts, but since my phone will be released September then I’d be able to buy my rewarding myself 1 post  sooner than I thought. Anyways, for today’s breakfast I had Country Style’s BLT, Nutty Caramel and Starwberry kiwi, as I’m typing right now I’m so full and this will last me up until lunch. Will be having lunch together with BF later after his work starts, I just hope he’ll arrive early though. Total bill cost me around P115. Pictures below.
Image1053                                                          BLT Sandwich – P60
  I like their BLT sandwich, well it’s not really that great but pretty okay, the tomatoes tasted fresh and crunchy which I like. It’s a very simple sandwich that will definitely fill up your tummy, although I wished that they had a special dressing on it other than mayonnaise, eeew. I hate mayonnaise as dressing, I only eat it on tuna, egg, and dips mixed with something, not just mayo alone.
Image1054                                                               Nutty Caramel P25
  My craving was definitely satisfied today, but this is the last time I’ll be eating it for now, or maybe because I’m just so full that’s why I’m saying this, haha. The dough is soft, and didn’t taste old (I think), it only had a hint of a nutty flavor which I like, actually close to the taste of chocnut, and just a little bit sweet. Inside there’s a little bit sweet filling of nutty flavored cream. I like that it was not the whole donut inside that had that filling or else that would be way too decadent for my taste.
  Have you guys tried anything from Country Style? What’s your favorite?

Till Next time!



4 thoughts on “Breakfast at Country Style

  1. Lady E says:

    There's a country style near my office and when the craving hits, we buy chocolate cruellers for merienda. The mini donuts are good too. It's funny that I haven't tried their sandwiches yet. And you're right, they are good for breakfast. Cheap too compared to some Starbucks breads/pastries that we get for breakfast when we're running late. I'll definitely try this when I don't have time to prepare breakfast. Thanks for the review Kitten!

  2. Kitten says:

    @Lady E: I see, chocolate cruellers will be on my next list then. You should try it, my friend says their egg omelette combo is good too. There are other sandwiches available too that I'd like to try too. Though, I'd prefer their sandwiches than their bagel. You're welcome!

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