Figaro – frappuccino, a sweet fix


    Quick post, I’m not really a die hard fan of those fancy coffee drinks or frappuccino’s, I only drink it when I feel so tired, I mean extremely tired or lack of sleep. But when I do get  a chance to, I end up buying the same drinks from Starbucks or Figaro a coffee caramel. We both had a sweet fix after dinner.



    Both costs P135 and it wasn’t even that big, but it was okay, I enjoyed my drink nonetheless,  the couch was pretty comfy and I swear I wanted to sleep already, haha. Coffee is good, once in a while (for me that is) I’d prefer drinking water over coffee for breakfast.

     If you’re wondering if this drink woke me up, not really, might switch to vitamins instead. I used to drink coffee before bed I usually end up asleep rather than awake. lol!

    Are you guys a coffee drinker? what’s your favorite?  

Till then!



6 thoughts on “Figaro – frappuccino, a sweet fix

  1. Kitten says:

    @Simply Effortless: I see, interesting to know. I have the reverse effect on coffee and sometimes get a head ache drinking it. Thanks for commenting and following too 🙂

  2. Kitten says:

    @cafe'mobility: Hi there, unfortunately they don't have plugs or outlets at Figaro, it's an open space. As for wifi, we tried using our phones but we can't seem to get any connections, the only wifi hot spot that we know of is Chowking, tapa king and the food court.

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