Joey Pepperoni – Food trip weekend


    Pizza is something that BF and I love to eat but this time we had a chance to eat at a different place, not the usual Pizza hut, Shakey’s or Yellow cab. For Saturday’s lunch we went to SM Bicutan at Joey’s Pepperoni, he keeps raving on how cheap the food is and leaving the place really full because of their new promo 2 orders of 8”inch pizza of pepperoni and beef and onions for only P199 and their bottomless ice tea is pretty cheap too. We ordered the quattro formagi, the works (8” inch pizza’s, their lotto appetito and 2 bottomless ice tea’s)



                                                    Lotto Appetito P320

DSCN0015                                                          Mozzarella sticks


                                                         Chicken fingers


               2 dips, tomato and pesto with mayo and fried tomatoes

       For this order, we weren’t impressed with it, it’s not that bad nor is it good (in both BF’s and my taste) I don’t know we just didn’t like it. The mozzarella was okay but still I’m sure there are better appetizers like this somewhere. We we the first customers that arrived so understandable that it wasn’t that cold yet. The place was pretty small too, but not cramped.

DSCN0021                                             Quattro Formagi – 4 cheese

     This was definitely good, it taste cheddary and love how thin it is. I did not feel umay when eating this and wanted to have more.

DSCN0023                                                                 The works

       This was pretty okay, since we got full we had a few left overs which we brought and ate it as my baon for work that night. Both their prices does not scream expensive nor cheap, it definitely is just right which makes you leave the place full and satisfied. Browsing through their menu I saw that they serve Panini’s that I would like to try next time. They also have combo meals which is good for P99 only.


    Total bill cost us around P600+ My first Joey Pepperoni experience was not that bad, customer service was jut okay, but nothing to complain about. As for the images, it was before BF and I started eating when he gave me the NIKON L21, was still fiddling with the settings while taking pictures, so these are the first photos I took with the digital camera. 

   My rating? 3/5 spoons, told the BF I wanted to try out the Panini and more of the quattro formagi :p

Till then!



2 thoughts on “Joey Pepperoni – Food trip weekend

  1. cafémobility says:

    Php199 for the price of two? is also cool for take out orders? i wonder how many branches does this joey pepperoni have for me to bring my folks with voracious appetites and storm the place.

  2. Kitten says:

    @cafe'mobility: LOL! yes but it's 8 inches only and I'm pretty sure it's for dine in only (sad) the only place I know aside from SM Bicutan is at MOA. I think that would be a good idea, was laughing myself out. haha.

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