J – Jollibee dinner date


     BF and I had dinner tonight, was a little late so told him that I’ll be treating him for dinner instead. Decided to eat at Jollibee, I always (most of the time) end up ordering their Beef and mushroom 39ers, it’s cheap but good. I’m really glad Jollibee came up with their 39ers line.


DSCN0166      There were more pieces of mushrooms but I don’t really mind at all since I love mushroom and hey c’mon, what do expect for the price right? What’s important is that it taste good.

DSCN0170       BF’s order, plus a TLC burger. Wasn’t able to get a picture of the burger, but I’m pretty sure you have an idea already of what it looks like right?


DSCN0172       Definitely love Jollibee’s crispy fries, but we weren’t able to finish the fries we ordered.

     Total cost P242, including drinks.

      Here’s a little something quirky that the BF and I took a picture of using his new DSiXL


     Till then!




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