Mini stop – ciabatta sandwich


   If there is one thing that I hate is wasting money, on food or whatever it is. Was hungry one morning and was choosing between the Japanese rice with meat at Mini stop or the Ciabatta sandwich. I guess I was intrigued with the Ciabatta and looking at the packaging looked yummy too. Of course it looked fancy as well.


DSCN0216      This is worth P50 and my P50 went down the drain, it tasted horrible and it’s not even expired yet when I bought it.

DSCN0217      Inside is the roasted chicken, salami and vegetables, some lettuce and mayonnaise. It just tasted so sour probably because of the mayonnaise. The salami tasted okay, but everything else was NOT good, I wasn’t even able to finish the sandwich and it’s freakin’ 50 bucks. I should’ve opted for the Japanese rice which taste more better and surprisingly yummy for P55. Oh well, at least now I know how this taste like. I am definitely staying away from this and their other sandwiches.

   I’m definitely giving this negative 0 spoons – bleeeh!

Till then!



6 thoughts on “Mini stop – ciabatta sandwich

  1. Kitten says:

    @MinnieRunner: I'd have to agree, BF and I most of the time eat at places we are sure of, we both hate wasting money. But sometimes when we do try something new it's worth it too.

  2. Kitten says:

    haha, well some of their packed lunches are good, but mini stop is so pricey when it comes to those as compared to 711. Yes, I love their sundae, but I like the original one.

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