Food review: Rufo’s tapa – Late night craving

   Food review…
   I was able to try out Rufo’s tapa last week and now I see why it was considered as one of the top 10 tapa eat out’s in the Metro. I ordered the famous tapa for P89 and an oriental cream soup for P20+ something.

DSCN1594                                           Rufo’s famous tapa – P89

Comes with the usual, fried egg, garlic rice and the tapa meat. Based on the description the meat they use is Batangas beef.
 I suppose the picture describes it all. Rufo’s version unlike what we are accustomed to is saucy. For non Philippine readers, most tapa’s are served dry. Which makes Rufo’s different.

DSCN1595 DSCN1593                                               Oriental cream soup

 It would be unfair to compare it to Sinangag Express or as we all call it S.E.X. Some like it dry, some like it saucy, as for me I like them both. The sauce is good, the beef is soft, very flavorful. You can’t go wrong with Rufo’s for sure.
 Prices are affordable and if you’re suddenly craving for tapa or breakfast in the middle of the night, they offer a 24/7 delivery service. Visit their site for complete menu and number to call. They have 4 branches at Makati, Pasig, Libis and Shaw.

What’s your favorite local tapa eat out?

 Till then!



6 thoughts on “Food review: Rufo’s tapa – Late night craving

  1. Lady E says:

    My mom and sister like Rufo's but they order the bangus and the chicken barbecue. Me, I didn't like anything that I've tasted. I think the best tapa I've eaten commercially is from the old Tapa King beside PCU.

  2. Kitten says:

    @[cookiespink]: I used to eat at Tapa king, I like their spicy tapa. @sugar sugar: aww, that's too bad. maybe one day when you're around the area.@Lady e: I see, ganun? my friends use to eat there back in college.@Midge: yup! they all deserve to be in the top 5 list of tapa eat outs@Anonymous: yup, it was good and one of a kind!

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