Food review: KFC Double Down sandwich


   I remember a few months ago when the KFC double down was such a hype and despite it being new, I was never really interested munching on something so fatteningly rich and salty. And just a few days ago, I had the sudden urge to finally try it, yes, I’m weird like that, haha! A lot of people say you should pair it with rice because it’s so salty when you eat it alone and I’m pretty sure it is. So I did.

    Did I enjoy it? Well, let’s just say don’t eat it when you are sick as you probably won’t enjoy/savor it’s taste that much.




     Tadaaa~ THE Double Down sandwich, 2 breast fillet chicken in original recipe, slice of bacon with melting cheese on a spread of mayonnaise.



     My take?

       The slice of bacon was so thin that you can barely taste it, cheese was just right, but the mayonnaise spread wasn’t to my liking, it would’ve been better if it were mustard and hot sauce. The chicken was in its original recipe, so nothing really new, just good old, chicken~ yum yum! 

          So this is what I had for my valentine’s dinner, will I try it again? definitely will, but not something I’d order regularly.

         To anyone who hasn’t eaten this yet, do try it out 😉


          Like it? hate it? love it? I’d like to know your thoughts about it. ^_^



          Till then!




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