Food review: Razon’s halo-halo


  Hey everyone, how are you all doing? Tonight’s shift made me and my colleagues a little bit wary because of the mild earthquake. Did you feel it?

   Anyway, here’s a quick post on a food review for the week. I met up with my  friend  S the other day to go to M’s house. She was running a little late so I decided to either eat or drink something cold at Galleria (our meet-up place), since I’ve been reading raves about Razon’s halo-halo, I decided to give it a try too. Razon’s can be found at Ronbinson’s Galleria, ground floor at the food court. You can have a glass of halo-halo for P95.


   What I like about it is the shaved ice, not like the usual chunks of big ice that are usually used. I’m not a huge fan of halo-halo really, specially with all those fillings like, beans and etc. So I just usually order mais con yelo or saba con yelo (sweet corn, sweet bananas). Good thing, Razon’s is different.

    I liked it, but halfway through, I wasn’t able to finish it. I felt umay, I don’t know why. There was nothing special about it to rave about, it was just okay for me.

   Razon’s halo-halo, topped with leche flan, sweet bananas, macapuno and something else. It was just okay, but it sure helped beat the hot weather that day.


  Till then!




11 thoughts on “Food review: Razon’s halo-halo

  1. Gita Asuncion says:

    I love Razon's halo halo! aside from the shaved ice, the milk they use is so creamy kasi. maybe that's why you got a bit umay. i like its simple sahog, too. Not too much going on. we always go back to razon's for meryenda pag weekends with my father in law.

  2. Kitten says:

    @Gita: i noticed that too, it was creamy, i liked it. I'm not sure why I was suddenly umay as I have a sweet tooth. Definitely, simple is better! I don't like yung super rami like the one we usually have. That sounds interesting, I'll try some of that soon. @make-up,hauls and anything under the sun: it isn't it was just right. @catmare: hahaha, you and me both, but I'll give it a second chance.@sugar: hmm, maybe so. I like goldilock's mais con yelo, haha.

  3. cafémobility says:

    i am frequenting to the place now as i hit gold's galleria branch na instead of the gold's timog. but i haven't tried yet the food court. so dami the people kase eh. but there is one semi-japanese fast food type in front of the grocery that i am curious to try. masarap kaya dun? nasubukan mo ba dun.

  4. Kitten says:

    @john: in razon's? what do you usually have there?hahaha, yeah, you need your space noh? lol. near robinson's supermarket? is that yoshinoya?

  5. Kitten says:

    @john: ahh, asian something. I was able to try the crab omelette, it sucks and over priced. the sushi is fairly lang. nothing spectacular. I'm not sure lang with the other items they have.

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