Sunday Weekend food trip and a hair cut~


Great Monday everyone! for some it may be another Manic Monday I’m sure. I hope this will be a start of a great week for all of us.

  I definitely missed spending the whole day with my M on weekends. And the 2 day US time was definitely spent well. I had so much fun babe, thank you. So yesterday’s agenda was to attend church, check out some stuff and watch the movie kung fu panda. M and I met at Alpha land Magallanes because I was at Bench fix, I decided to cut my hair already as it was being a pain already. So here’s how it looks like (camera used is M’s itouch)



   I super love my hair, and M loved it too. Next week or the week after, I may be having my hair colored, Bench fix Alpha land branch is having a L’oreal permanent hair color promo 50% off. I can definitely save up a lot.



     At Mang Inasal, we’ve been eating there 2 days in a row already, and when I got home last night, I saw boxes of Mang inasal in the fridge! Hahaha~


   As soon as we got to the Mall M wanted to try this, I had the Mango and he had his usual fix of chocolate.


The small size costs P35 and the biggest size costs P65. I didn’t like mine at all as it tasted like Tang Mango powdered juice, M’s was way better. He compared it to Shakey’s Milkshake, he says it tastes the same only cheaper which is good.

For our dinner last night we ate at Kowloon, food court.

I was still full from the nacho’s we ate so I opted for dimsum and noodles



                                                 Wonton Noodles P65

   Luk Yuen and Superbowl’s wanton noodles tastes way better. Kowloon’s was decently okay, it just tasted more like chicken maggi noodles. The wonton’s were good though. If I’m craving for wonton noodles and I’m on a budget, I will go back for this. LOL


                                                         Beef siomai P50

    Their dimsum was HUGE! worth the P50 and really good, packed with beef and flavor.

    M had this…


   Sorry , I was really lazy and too sleepy to take good pictures. He had the meal 2 for P75 I think. Some kind of tofu and sweet and sour pork.


                                                       Sharksfin P50

       I don’t know how this tasted like, but I’m sure it was good too.


   Well, that’s about our weekend US time~


    Till then!





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