Food talk: Unboxing ceremony held at RACKS


    My unboxing ceremony was held during dinner at RACKS, LOL!




                                                    Bottomless Ice tea P85


      M’s order – pork ribs with side dish of mashed potato and mac n cheese –

      The pork ribs was super soft, first time I liked his food, haha.

                                                         Pork ribs half P440

    My order – which I did not enjoy Sad smile


                          Angus with Asian slaw and potato salad P595

     The steak was rather salty and a little bit chewy, we ate there almost closing time, so I’m not going to complain. Though, I did say I want mine medium rare, seemed a teenie bit well to me. Btw, it came with a sauce, forgot what it’s called though.

      The slaw and potato salad was meh, maybe because I was thinking it will be jazzed up or something special. The potato salad can be better, there was something lacking which I can’t point my finger or rather tongue out.  The slaw? regular cabbage and some carrots, drizzled with asian sauce, nothing spectacular about it.

       Next time I’ll try the ribs~


     Till then!




7 thoughts on “Food talk: Unboxing ceremony held at RACKS

  1. Kari says:

    My siblings & I ate at the SM North branch a few days ago, I got the rib flakes and sulit siya. 240 ata tapos ang daaaming rib flakes. *_* Madali pa kainin kasi you don't have to bother with bones haha 🙂

  2. Lady E says:

    ribs talaga ang best seller nila! i only ate at racks during the original management. when they changed, the food and service became worse. i think this is a new management again and I haven't tried eating there pa.

  3. Kitten says:

    @kari: the rib flakes does look yummy nga in the menu, i'll add that in my list.@pammy: the side dishes were okay~@Kai: yeah, too bad for me~@Lady E: oo nga eh, sayang. Most often than not ganun lagi, pumapangit or nag iiba. The first time I ate RACKS was somewhere in makati along those street filled restaurants. Forgot the street. but next time, i will try the ribs@john: hahaha, ikaw ang sohwzal nag pupunta pa ng tagaytay, hehehehe.

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