Weekend food trip and other stuff~


   Yesterday, I spent the whole day with my M. First, I went to his place to visit and play mortal kombat in his PS3, and to annoy their cat Tigger. haha~ He was sleeping when I got there and asked M to wake him up, he had this very annoyed look – well, I don’t care. Hehe. He’s such a cutie and a loveable lameass cat.

2011-06-11 11.34.05

2011-06-11 11.35.58

   It was a hot day, I dropped by 711 to buy some drinks to cool off. So I tried the new Pepsi Pinas~

2011-06-11 11.28.48

      For me, it tasted like regular pepsi but only lighter in taste.

      M’s sister was nice to offer us some hot chocolate, it was soooo yummy. I don’t know what kind of cocoa tablet she used but it was rockin’. Thanks M

2011-06-11 12.54.54


   And for lunch we had pasta and pizza at Shakey’s~

2011-06-11 14.28.09

2011-06-11 14.27.42

                                                    Pasta Platter P200+

2011-06-11 14.36.51

                                 Pizza Bianca P179  – thin crust


   I had my Ishield fixed, then we watched X-men: First class again,(SM Megamall) haha. Addict much? We love the movie so much. I had fun with my weekend date with the BF.

   This will be the last food post, next up make-up and personal care, but I’ll be probably posting that sometime next week.

  *all photos taken with the camera phone

   Till then!





5 thoughts on “Weekend food trip and other stuff~

  1. Midge says:

    X-Men: First Class is so cool, so cutting-edge that it deserves to be watched again!As for the food at Shakey's, it's always good – so satisfying!(Pero ang sungit naman ng pusa!)

  2. Kitten says:

    @Midge: it is, and we did watch it again.hahaha, yeah he is masungit. @chew on this: the pepsi pinas is nice, though id prefer the regular pepsi. But I would always go for coke instead of pepsi. haha@Kate: he is, his face is kinda huge and loves playing with plastic. Nuggie is darker in color noh?

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