Changing times–Nitz Restaurant


      College days, they were the most challenging years of my life, but at the same time the most memorable too. I was in 2nd year college when I met M, he was graduating at that time.

     I was touched when M wanted to accompany me to school today (despite that he has work today) to have my diploma and tor processed. Anyway, we used to eat at this place named Pink Star, so when we decided to have lunch without a doubt, we wanted to eat there again and reminisce the good old times. 

       The place is newly renovated and is even wifi friendly too. They also have a new set of menu to choose from aside from their home cooked meals. I ordered their fish parmigiana and M had the fish fillet, both for P80 only. I think the people who can relate to this are the alumni’s of PWU-Taft.






    I was surprised that for P80, the fish was quite big. There’s no wow factor, but it was really flavorful. The fish was served hot too. The cheese tasted familiar, the tomato sauce was just right with a tang (not on the sweet side) which is good. M liked my order so much too that he wants to go back next time.


     This was M’s order, fish fillet for P80, it comes with a honey mustard sauce which I liked a lot! The fish tasted the same, but with the sauce makes it different. And they were not skimping on this either, it had around 8 pieces of fish which was quite large, not bad.

      This was in front of us, M asked if I wanted dessert, which honestly, was totally up to him since he hates strawberry, so I had to bare eating chocolate ice cream. We shared a chocolate parfait, no wow factor really, since it had vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup topped with whipped cream and cherry. The sauce tasted good. I just wished they put more sauce on it.




   More or less, the food was worth it, we were satisfied with our orders. I couldn’t take more pictures as much as I wanted to, to show my high school friends how much it changed now. They “don’t allow” picture taking as what the cashier said. O__o

   Here was our first photo taken at pink star…

at pink star pwu



                                                    and now~


                        We are definitely going back to Pink Star~


        Till then!





8 thoughts on “Changing times–Nitz Restaurant

  1. Midge says:

    Good Lord, but Nitz DOES bring me back to my days at PWU (ABCA 1997!). I also remember Sala Thai where my batchmates and I ate after surviving the hell that was the thesis defense!

  2. Kitten says:

    @Midge: OMG! A fellow philwomenian, yes and I adore the sala thai, it's really bad they closed na :(@Diane: it is, haha, it's just at the back of PWU you won't miss it.

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