Food talk: Ambers


    Konnichiwa! (hello), hehe, it’s me again, for this post it’s food! Mom asked the maid to buy AMBER’S for dinner. There are actually 2 ambers, first is the original, the one near Cash and Carry, and the other which is the green one which is located along Pasong Tamo, Makati. At first, I thought the one here at pasong tamo was a rip off or copy cat, but then a friend of mine said it was the sister who put up the greened colored amber’s sign board. The taste are almost close as compared to the original, but you can notice some difference, specially in the barbeque. I definitely recommend their spaghetti!

     For tonight’s dinner we had the BBQ and palabok (walang kamatayang palabok – because mom always orders that, as if it’s the only thing in their menu. LOL)










     There’s nothing really special with the palabok, it’s good, but I would’ve wanted it much much more flavorful. I love jollibee’s palabok!

     For a small bilao it costs around P300+ for the BBQ I think it’s either between 13 or 15 or 20 pesos per piece.


      What’s your favorite at AMBERS? Share 🙂



     Till then!



    Meow.. Meow..


12 thoughts on “Food talk: Ambers

  1. Kitten says:

    @gita: I knew you would say that, because you love kakanin, hehe. Looking forward for your blog about it.@pammy: yeah yun lang, they have a branch somewhere along edsa though, pero malayo pa rin. @Kate: i think they don't devein the shrimps talaga :(@pinkcookies: haha, peace. Lol! I uber love their spaghetti!

  2. Kitten says:

    @diane: nice, yep masarap sila. @midge: its a must buy the pichi pichi, super soft. try ko buttered chicken next time. thanks@kay: pichi pichi lovers unite. LOL!

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