Food talk: Yogurt at Qoola~ Ooola goodness XD


    Sundays are spent with the family~

    Yesterday, it was only me, mom, and my 2 younger but taller siblings. We attended mass at Bread Greenbelt 1 and had lunch with out Tita Myrna. After lunch, we were already running out of stories to tell and getting bored. So we asked if we can buy yogurt, QOOLA! I love yogurt, tangy, melts in the mouth and heaven!

2011-08-14 14.00.56

2011-08-14 14.02.20

    My only gripe about it is that it’s self serve. I find it much more expensive. The place is all white, my sister and I noticed that the employees are very suplada. tsk tsk!

    There are different of flavors to choose from…

2011-08-14 14.03.48

2011-08-14 14.01.36

                      SWEET COCONUT! Gotta try this next time~

   But of course, we wanted the original!

2011-08-14 14.04.02




     I like comparing how each yogurt tastes like from different yogurt places like, red mango, white hat, tutti frutti and now qoola. Qoola at first “bite” tastes tangy. It does not have that enough Tang, that I personally love, but it was still good. Refreshing, much more creamier compared to red mango and white hat. Toppings are the usual. I enjoyed it, but my heart still belongs to Red Mango!


    My sister and I have yet to try Golden spoon next time, good thing they have one at Glorietta 5!


      Do you like flavored yogurt or prefer the original yogurt?



      Till then!





6 thoughts on “Food talk: Yogurt at Qoola~ Ooola goodness XD

  1. Kitten says:

    @john: ganun? maybe i'll try their original lang, masaya na ako dun. I like it as is lang kasi. @sugar: thanks, she is. oo nga, that's what they say which i think M will like kasi ice cream boy yun.

  2. Midge says:

    What an interesting-looking yogurt place! I'm partial to the peanut butter fro-yo over at Golden Spoon, but nothing beats the goodness of the plain kind.

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