Dropped by to say hello


Hello everyone! I’m back! Well, technically back that is. I’ve been busy with work lately that it demands most of my time, that I barely have enough energy to blog nor even check my facebook or play SIMS Social.

Anyway, here’s a series of events from last month~

My 27th birthday celebrated with M and 2 girlfriends…

A customized hello kitty cake from Captain’s Mix and Magic and Lunch at Aveneto SM Megamall and ended the night at Starbuck’s for some coffee







   Secondly, after weeks of being busy and implementing our event at work, it was a success.  This is me and my officemate Judy at the party…



  Among other things, I want to share how our 6th Anniversary went yesterday. M and I decided to celebrate our anniversary since October 3 is a weekday. We went road tripping till late in the afternoon, then went to MOA. First we went to a gaming place (forgot the name) and played Mortal Kombat. The Recreation place is quite nice, there’s bowling, billiards and PS3. You can also order food while you play, I bought us some nachos to munch on and some drinks



   The weather that day was bad, the winds were so strong. At the activity center was a pet day event, I dragged M so I could check but they were almost packing up already. Here’s the only thing that I was able to buy.



   For dinner, there were so many choices, that we ended up eating at Sizzling pepper steak, which was just okay for me.



    For dessert, we tried Sebastian’s…

    I had the Frozen Yakult which was pure love, P100 per scoop and M had his usual chocolatey fix






  Anyway, I hope I get back to my weekly post, and I hope you are all doing great! Until then okay? peace out XD311041_2313074919116_1616721377_2339145_1777752951_n



    Till then!




5 thoughts on “Dropped by to say hello

  1. cafémobility says:

    what's the difference between Pepper Lunch and Sizzling Pepper Steak. sino mas masarap. in fairness, sosyal ng ice cream. Sebastian's actually my fave local ice cream, aside from Paradis at Morato and The Ice Cream Bar at Joya Tower Rockwell.

  2. Kitten says:

    @John: yung pepper lunch may mahal version. wahahaha.sizzling was okay, haven't tried pepper lunch, not intending to na.Wow, so parang dirty ice cream mo lang ang sebastian's?

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