A Cluster of food posts


Here are random food posts that I was supposed to blog a month ago but did not have time to do so.

I discovered a nice restaurant in Powerplant Mall, it was my boss who took us there during the weeks that we were so stressed out.

1. Wild Ginger

2011-09-13 12.30.44

2011-09-13 12.29.24

    The first time I ate here, I tried their smoked bangus, although my boss recommended that we try their Manila Munch 2 for P225, a combination meal of adobo, with monggo and a glass of ice tea. They have big portioned size of chicken and the sauce is THE WINNER! But the smoked bangus was not that bad either, I think it was around P190+ something. The second time I ate here was with Lady E, where I was able to try their Manila Munch 2, it was indeed yummy. I highly recommend that you try that first.

2011-09-13 12.45.20

                                Smoked bangus with fried egg and ice tea

  I’ve eaten here 3 times already, my third time I tried their Nasi Goreng, it was okay too. This coming Friday, my officemates and I plan to have lunch their and order their adobo again.

2. Street food

2011-08-31 18.51.46

2011-08-31 18.51.20

  Cooking my 2 order of Isaw , it’s the only “exotic” food that I can eat aside from barbeque and hotdog in the streets.

2011-08-31 18.51.56

                                          I think this is pork skin or ear?

  3. Stock Market at Fort Bonifacio

2011-09-28 19.03.01

2011-09-28 19.03.23

2011-09-28 19.10.20

2011-09-28 19.17.26

2011-09-28 19.26.58

  The higher boss (Vice President) of my company, treated the whole team for dinner for 2 successful events that we held last month. My friend Judy and I decided to share 2 meals, 1 salad and 1 main course.

  For the salad, we split 1 order into two so that is how it looks like. I forgot the name and the price, I liked it, but the dressing not so much. It was some sort of mango dressing.

   For the main course, we ordered the chicken surprise with green tea rice (split into two)

2011-09-28 19.33.19

   The sauce was salmon mousse something. The green tea rice tasted like pandan, but overall it was good.

   They also have free Wifi~


  4. Kenny Rogers

2011-09-30 12.14.09

  Their salmon was surprisingly good, for my side dishes both were potatoes (carbo loading-hehe), not really just so happens that those 2 are my favorite side dishes of all time. The lemon sauce that came with it was also good. The fish was cooked perfectly, although serving time was a bit slow for them.

   Kenny Rogers, Powerplant branch

   Priced at P32


  5. Savory Chicken

   Martin and I ate here during dinner, our typical fun filled weekend date.

DSCN4204                                                Yang chow fried rice


                                                         Shrimp puff



  Their Lumpia is a winner for me, everything tasted delicious actually. But the lumpia was exceptional! The best I’ve tasted so far, both comes with dipping sauce. Forgot the prices though.

   SM Bicutan Branch


   Well, that’s about it, hope I didn’t leave you hungry, Happy Sunday everyone~


    Till then!






11 thoughts on “A Cluster of food posts

  1. cafémobility says:

    street food gourmet, wow… i haven't tried the lumpia of the Savory yet. masubukan nga. kakatam eh. ok ba dyan sa Stock market na yan? there's this restaurant in Galleria na parang kamukha nya yung design eh. i will swing by rockwell soon to try out the Wild Ginger, mukhang ok eh. mukhang yummy yung chicken. 🙂 unlimited rice ba yan teh?

  2. Kitten says:

    @john: yep!you should try it, sulit ang dami pa.yup, pinya ang theme nya, hehe. lahat sila were satisfied sa food nila, so i guess its okayyup, i highly recommend you try wild ginger dear, yung manila munch 2 try mo ha. Hindi unli rice eh, additional P40 ka na lang for garlic rice@the pepperific life: it is 🙂

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