A Cat lovers movie + Birthday dinner


Hello everyone, I wasn’t able to document of what happened during our movie date last weekend and during dinner with Martin’s family.

Well, first up, I asked Martin last Saturday to meet up with me at Alpha land, instead of picking me up at home. He already had a hunch why (haha). There was no special occasion really, but I just wanted to look extra special that day. So I headed to Bench fix salon and had my hair done (curly) priced at P350. I’m glad that my man liked it~



We went to Glorietta food choices to have lunch, we had the usual. It was a cat lovers day that time, we were meeting up with friends to watch Puss in Boots. All of us totaled 11.

2011-11-05 15.27.35

2011-11-05 15.32.41

2011-11-05 16.16.18

                     The NYFD drink was not bad, bought a giant coke for P55 only

After the movie, I suddenly felt quite sick, I was coughing badly and a bad sore throat. For our dinner we ate at Subway and because I was feeling too sick, no pictures sorry. But definitely, we are going back there, their chocolate chip cookie is sooo yummy, only for P35.

So speaking of cookies and puss in boots, here’s my take…




A few days ago, it was Martin’s moms birthday, I was invited to have dinner with them, along with his best friend Jon at Greenbelt 2, Banana Leaf. This time, I was able to take pictures of us, but not the food. I know, super fail again! It was my first time to dine there, surprisingly the prices are not that bad. I didn’t know that you would literally eat on a banana leaf.





                                        Pandan Ice tea P68 (not bottomless)

  They ordered baby back ribs, mee goreng or nasi goreng rice, pandan chicken, fish with some kind of sweet bagoong sauce, shrimp with coconut milk.


                                      Martin’s sister Macel and Mommy Beng



Next time, I’ll be making better blog posts, promise!


  Till then!





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