Red Ribbon


   Yesterday’s weather felt like summer and I hated it! Before heading home to Martin’s house we went to red ribbon to buy a few pieces of Banana nut crunch, and when Martin saw the Frappes in the menu board he insisted we have this, so we can cool down first. I had the Mocha frappe, all their flavored frappes costs for P85

2011-12-03 11.46.31

2011-12-03 11.46.42

   The mocha flavor had a very faint taste of it, but it didn’t really matter because I enjoyed my cold frappe!

2011-12-03 13.38.08

2011-12-03 13.39.31

   I was actually debating whether to order a slice of cake for dessert or this one. Well, obviously I chose this instead. Sadly, it kind of tasted stale for me. But this is one of my favorites from Red Ribbon.


  Any favorites from Red Ribbon? I’d love to know them, share okay?


   Till then!





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