Food post: Shakey’s Shell Pasong Tamo


    My little sister and I ended up eating at Shakey’s Shell, Pasong Tamo for our lunch/merienda today. Shakey’s combo meals never fails to fill the tummy without hurting your pockets that much. I’ve tried different branches of Shakey’s, at SM Sucat, SM Bicutan, Megamall, Glorietta and now Pasong Tamo, they all exceptionally have great customer service. They all serve with a smile and are attentive, thumbs up! And for those who are wifi erm…. sniffers, this branch also has free wifi, just ask from the friendly waiters for the password.

    My sister ordered the Bunch of Lunch which costs P138 only



                                                                             Bunch of Lunch P138


                                       Salad, pizza, chicken and potatoes P138



                                                               Regular Ice tea at P60.00

   The ambiance is pretty cozy, and very spacious which is good. Also one major factor (for me that is), despite that we ate on a hot afternoon, glass windows uncovered from blinds, the atmosphere was very cold. The food is already a given, since I’m sure most of us has their own favorites from Shakey’s.



                                                                     My favorite condiment!


           My sister Amanda, it was actually her once in a blue moon treat and I really and always appreciate it a lot when she does. I love my sister~


                        And me, foursquare and plurking is serious bizniz! hehe~

   Our total bill cost us P387, with service charge and VAT included.


   Till then!





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