Dining at Villa Tortuga, Taal Batangas


         Here is my food trip journey during our Taal trip. In my previous post where we wore beautiful clothes designed by Lito Perez, was the place where we had lunch. I was already starving at that time and was only able to take photos of the food and the dining table. Villa Tortuga is a beautiful well restored house of the Spanish Era.



                                                                  The participants


We were served with beautiful china plates, first dish that came was the Malunggay soup, that had bits of meat and some misua noodles. I liked how it tasted and that it wasn’t just pure Malunggay.




                      Nilagang Okra and Kangkong with mangoes salad


                                                       Pork with pineapple


      This is Tapang Batangas, at first I thought it was dry and tough, but I was wrong. This was so good, now I know why some people travel here just to buy tapa or meat.


                                              Adobong dilaw with Ice cream

      This is my favorite among the other main dishes served. It was my first time to try adobong dilaw. The turmeric flavor was really good and made it unique. You can barely taste the ice cream which is good.

         For dessert we had suman with hot chocoloate (cocoa). It was heavenly, regardless the calories! haha




        I wasn’t able to take photos of the other food that were served, but everything about it so Pinoy! Dining at the place takes you back to how Filipinos lived and ate. It was a fun trip that I would gladly go back to.

         In case you’re curious about our Taal-Heritage photo trek, we still have 2 more trips available for 2012 – January 14 and February 4.

          For more details email: feel free to leave me a message at knavasero03@yahoo.com.ph


           Till then!





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