Travelling back to History–Taal Heritage Photo Trek


      I recently joined my mom’s Taal-Heritage Photo Trek trip a few days ago and I was impressed that Taal has so much to offer, being  abundantly rich of our Philippine history.

      This will be part 1 of sceneries around Taal that we visited. We first met with the other participants in mom’s office at LRI Design Plaza, it took us 3 hours to arrive at our first destination – Basilica







DSCN5144         DSCN5146              The Basilica is composed of 4 churches and is the largest in Asia.

     I forgot the name of the house adjacent to the Basilica, but the preserved home was filled with artifacts and old furnitures.






     This is a naturally mummified cat found at the roof upon rebuilding the ancestral house.

      Our next stop was at the Marcella Agoncillo Ancestral House



                                                             The Agoncillo sister’s


DSCN5182   DSCN5176

     Our third destination was at Villa Tortuga, designer Lito Perez. This was a unique experience because you can get to play dress up and have your photo taken with Lito Perez


       After having our photo taken, we were served lunch at the second floor. I will be making a separate food post for that.



        This was our second to the last destination, I was already exhausted by this time because it was super hot (and I hated it). Had I known that it would be hot, I would’ve brought an umbrella. I forgot the name of the place, but the arch was really beautiful. We were swarmed with little kids and some adults selling candles for P20 pesos. It represents a family, which is why the candles are tied up together.

         Among all our destinations, the last place was my most favorite. It’s a camera museum filled with old camera’s and photos of the old Manila.


2011-12-28 15.07.37

2011-12-28 15.14.04




       One of the prized possessions of the owner is this NIKON FA Gold camera, it was pretty awesome and was eye candy to every camera lover/enthusiast like me.


2011-12-28 15.10.27

                             How cameras were packaged back in the days

2011-12-28 15.08.25

     The next camera below was used by Ninoy Aquino, which will be seen in the five hundred peso bill.

2011-12-28 15.12.42


                                                                The Aquino family

2011-12-28 15.09.14

                                                           How Manila used to be


      Taal was surrounded with beautiful old houses and there were a lot of Churches. One of our participants said that, if you want to have a glimpse of our Philippine history but don’t want to travel that far? Taal is your best bet.



      Till then!





7 thoughts on “Travelling back to History–Taal Heritage Photo Trek

  1. Dexter | says:

    Namiss ko bigla ang Taal ah.. This is where I grew up..My Paremts are actually selling Tapa and Longanisa sa taal public market.Gerry and Lheen Special Tapa and Longanisa. Sana matikman nyo ang tapa namin on your next visit.

  2. Kitten says:

    @Dexter: I'll see if we can add the shopping activity to our itinerary. Will visit your store, thanks for the info. Can't wait to try your tapa@Gits: yeah, the house are so nice. Pero pwede ring pang horror movie. hehe, kidding.

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