My Food Adventure in Catanduanes

The best part in traveling is trying out different cuisines and having a favorite dish and sadly now I am missing it. Here’s my food journey from day 1 to day 2 in Catanduanes. When we arrived Virac Airport, we had breakfast at Mr. Alcantara’s parent’s home, I wasn’t able to take photo’s though because for one mom and I was really hungry since we didn’t have time to eat at the airline. Speaking of which, I was surprised that snacks are being sold at Cebu Pacific, I remember back then they give out free snacks. A bottle of water costs P50.

For our lunch, Mayor Chito Chi prepared food for us at the Majestic beach. We had Lobsters, Fried Fish, Fish soup (sinigang), coconut juice and Pumpkin soup. Nothing beats eating at the beach with your hands, and seeing the blue sea right in front of me. The photo below is borrowed from Juriz in her facebook album with permission.


Her name is Juriz Dela Rosa, one of our tour guide. When I was on the radio station the next day, I really admired her voice. And on the right corner is me taking photos of our food.




The Lobsters were sumptuous and sweet, hello cholesterol! but hey, it’s not everyday that I can get to eat lobsters. I think I had 5-7 pieces of lobsters, mom also taught us a neat trick how to pull of the meat from the shell by using the end part of either a spoon or a fork.




The pumpkin soup was beautifully presented, the soup was really hot but there were too much ginger bits that makes this dish taste almost like ginger soup. Hopefully, next time they will leave out the ginger as it’s not needed (in my preference that is). We were so full and I was craving for some soda or juice at least, they have a bar inside and when I tried asking what juice they have, they told me to wait as the lady in the counter was counting something. I actually hate it when these kind of people wait on the foreigners HAND AND FOOT, while us local tourist are told to wait, I didn’t bother anymore as I find the lady rude.

For our afternoon snack, Juriz and Victor treated us for pansit sotanghon and sandwich at Twin Rock beach, this is why mom and I decided to not have dinner anymore after. Carbo load!


Just your regular tuna sandwich but still fills the tummy.


This dish was a one of a kind pansit sotanghon,  the noodles are thick like chapchae (korean noodles) the pansit was very flavorful, I can vouch for this at Twin Rock. Well, this ends for our food trip on our first day. The Congressman had prepared dinner for us at Marem’s but we were so full and tired, we slept early.

The next morning, I was more refreshed and was able to prepare without being pressured to hurry. Mom ordered Tapsilog for me at Marem’s, and I really enjoyed it a lot. It tasted like beef steak because it had some red onions, If we go back at Catanduanes and stay at Marem’s again, I will definitely order this again and take a better photo. Suddenly while I was enjoying my meal, mom told me that the driver arrived already, so I just used my phone camera and took a quick shot.

2012-01-21 08.33.29

For lunch, Ms. Jay prepared food for us, we were also able to have lunch with the Congressman. We were only supposed to have our morning snack but decided to have lunch in their place. These are what she served us.



This is called Balisungsong – cassava mixed with coconut

For our lunch, we were served laing, kilawin na langka, bicol express, fish fillet and some kind of chicken. My favorite was the Kilawin na Langka, my goodness, it was super good and very unique. It tasted very much like kilawin (ceviche) with coconut cream, Langka with a twist! I didn’t pay attention to it at first because I was enjoying the bicol express and fish fillet, but when mom said that the kilawin was really good, I tried and loved it!



Kilawin ng Langka (Jack fruit)


Bicol Express


Fish Fillet, the sauce that came with it was your regular mayo and ketchup but adding some red onions adds zing




It was another memorable food journey for me and I am thankful to have tried it. Now, if only we can bring that Kilawin na Langka here in Manila I would be really happy and share it with my foodie friends too. We had merienda at the Port area, a place where we also bought our pasalubong.



Sugar coated pili nuts, sweet banana chip and polvoron.


This garlic flavored banana chips is good, this goes best with beer. Thanks to Ms. Jay for sharing this to me~

I wasn’t able to take photos of our dinner, but if I find mom’s photo I will share it with you on my next post. So that ends my food adventure here in Catanduanes! I hope I didn’t leave you hungry Smile with tongue out


8 thoughts on “My Food Adventure in Catanduanes

    • adventuresofaladyexplorer says:

      So Bicolana ka pala?

      I love laing, pero medyo durog yung luto. I think Buddy’s laing is better taste and texture wise

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