Traveling to Catanduanes – Of beautiful sceneries part 2

I knew that I was able to take photos from our second day tour, and I thought I lost all my photos, only to find out that it was on a different folder. Well, lo and behold! Here’s my day 2 tour in Catanduanes.

Mom and I woke up early for her scheduled radio interview at DZVC, we first had breakfast at the hotel we stayed in at Marem’s Pension House. Speaking of which Marem’s House is a budget friendly hotel, we weren’t able to try their food but I can vouch for their Tapsilog meal I really liked it a lot.

After eating, we headed straight to the Radio Station, little did we know that our tour guide’s Victor and Juriz were not only working for the Congressman but also DJ’s of the Congressional Hour Service at DZVC.


                                                                              Juriz Dela Rosa


                                                                       Victor Samonte


After the interview, we went to our tour guide’s home, Ms. Jay, Architect/son of the Mayor of Barangay San Andres. We were invited to have morning snack and lunch at the Mayor’s office. I will be posting the food photo’s separately. I can’t wait to share with you my food experience in Catanduanes, our second day lunch was memorable for me. Ms. Jay is very friendly and I like her a lot, she even gave us bags that were displayed in her father’s office. Like mom and the Congressman, she is very dedicated in promoting her own hometown, I admire her passion.



We had our morning snack and lunch quite early and finished at around 12 noon. 2 days is not enough to see everything, but the places we went to was enough to make us go back, and this time not only for an ocular but to really enjoy it. We first went to Luyang Cave, I love caves even if I feel paranoid that there will be snakes, unfortunately we weren’t able to go inside the cave because it was slippery and we had no equipments. The story behind the cave can be seen on the photo below.



We went to 3 different beaches, there were not much people on the resorts though. We definitely need to push tourism here in Catanduanes, beautiful beaches like these needs attention or else you’re missing a lot. The longest travel was going to Tibang Beach and my ever trusty SD card failed me as my memory was already full. Tibang beach is my most favorite, the waves are so big and going to the beach can be a challenge because of the stones. I have no pictures of Tibang, but my mom has, maybe I will post that next time.




What I am proud about my mom is her eye for taking beautiful photos, when she travels it’s mostly a stop and shoot situation most of the time. The photo below was breathtaking that my mom told the driver to stop so she could take a picture, I took a photo as well. We also passed by another waterfall in San Andres (photo below)


It was a muddy, bouncy and dizzy travel going to Tibang Beach, but it was so worth it. Travel time took us more than an hour as there are some parts that had no roads yet only mud as evidenced by our pick up car.


Ms. Jay brought us to the Port area to have our merienda of chips and suman, we also bought pasalubong and she showed me the place where my newly discovered favorite food was cooked. They also make garlic flavored banana chips which best goes with beer. I also took some vain shots while traveling.


Meet the Lady Explorer





Catanduanes is a work in progress, they know that they have so much to offer, they just need to be educated to clean up and train the women to make more unique products to showcase and generate income. After all, what is traveling without buying some goodies right? Our last destination was at Batong Paloway Church, where the miraculous stone is kept. The story behind the stone was found by a little boy on top of the tree, in the stone was a small image of Mama Mary. As the stone grows, the image of Mama Mary becomes bigger and more beautiful like a painting. People became selfish and so the church intervened and that is where the stone rests. It’s just a short gist of the story.





We requested if we can remove the glass so we can take better pictures and what a sight! in a tagalog term nakaka kilabot sa ganda. The stone is really beautiful and mysterious, it is surrounded by cotton because it still continously grows. We were all busy taking photos little did we know that Congressman and his entourage was there waiting for us. There was a fiesta in their area and that’s where we had our sumptuous dinner, I already feel so bad that I wasn’t able to take photos of that too. We ate at a very simple house but the food was so good. We were served a couple of dishes and our favorite was the crabs, it was so sweet and definitely tasted fresh out of the sea. The shrimps was so good too, other dishes served was Humba, Maya-maya, nilagang paksiw, I forgot the others but it was a feast.

By the way, here’s a photo of a Catanduanes cat! Haha! This was during our first day of tour, forgot to insert the photo.


Twin Rock Beach CAT!


     And that’s it for our Catanduanes sceneries post, next up FOOD! lots of them. This blog is barely new, and I would like to say thank you to those who commented and supported by following my blog. Highly appreciated, stay tuned for my food travel in Catanduanes Smile


The radio interview can be viewed here:


2 thoughts on “Traveling to Catanduanes – Of beautiful sceneries part 2

  1. Victor Samonte says:

    Thanks for featuring Catanduanes in your blogs Ms. Kate. We will share it to our friends and fellow Catandunganons so they they will also be inspired to come up with their own ways of promoting our place. It is the appropriate time to let the world know that Catanduanes is more than just the “Land of the Howling Winds” although I admit that our experience from typhoons before helped us a culture of resiliency – we don’t know how to give up. It is thus my prayer that we can translate that never-say-die spirit in terms of promoting our tourism industry. I know that we are just starting but I know that there is no better way to begin that journey than having people like you to help us out. Kodus to you and to your Mom! Laging bukas ang Catanduanes sa inyong muling pagbalik. 🙂

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