Goodies from Cebu

During our travel to Catanduanes, my sister traveled to Cebu and brought home 2 boxes of pasalubong courtesy of the Congresswoman of Cebu. Packs of Dried mangoes, Otap, Rosquillo’s, Chicharon, Native chicken and Dried fish Danggit. Danggit is famous in Cebu and it’s really delicious, once fried it is so crunchy and dipped in vinegar with smashed garlic. This was our Sunday lunch.




       The first time we cooked the native chicken was baked in our electric oven, It was better off fried but still good. It doesn’t taste like ordinary chicken, my sister and I was deciphering how it tastes like. It could be how it was marinated, but definitely not something we’ve tasted before. The native chicken was I believe a baby or young chicken, it was rather bony and had little meat but we enjoyed it a lot.



                                                         Native Chicken

          Inside the box are the following….




Cebu is known for their dried mangoes, and it’s really good. The brand Cebu’s Lucky dried mangoes has a subtle taste of the mangoes, my favorite are the rosquillos. I gave some to my dearest friend Stacy some of the goodies, I hope she liked it. Speaking of my friend Stacy, we went on a food trip a few days ago, and I can’t wait to share that with you.



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