My First time traveling to Quezon City + Lunch at my friend’s home

A few days ago I needed to go to Quezon City, a place I rarely go to. I was really happy that my dear friend Stacy was willing to go with me that day, to help me find the place I was looking for. We rarely see each other these days and she insisted that I go to her house to spend the day with her, even if I was given an assignment that day, I just wanted to spend time with my friend. I rode an MRT going to North Avenue, the last station and it was perfect that there were not much people in the train and the aircon was really cold. It was a comfortable ride going there.


     The MRT card, from Magallanes to North Avenue costs P15

        North Avenue station is connected to the Trinoma mall which is really convenient, it was my first time to go to Trinoma too. Stacy also showed me SM North Edsa, it is definitely bigger than SM Megamall.


I hope next time my man and I will be able to go there and meet up with Stacy some time. After the very fast meeting, we went to Stacy’s house, I just wanted to hang out really and had no plans to play games that day. We first had lunch cooked by her mom and then toured me around her place that reminds me of Tagaytay.

Now on to the food, I forgot what the name of the food was on the right side, but it was some kind of meat with onions and cooked perfectly because the meat falls apart. On the right is chicken skin – chicharon style, so good!



I don’t know how this was cooked, but the vegetables consist of pechay, sayote and cabbage, all cooked tenderly and most importantly very flavorful. Compliments to the chef! Nothing really beats home cooking specially mom’s cooking.


For dessert Stacy’s mom cooked Tikoy, another favorite of mine every Chinese New Year. Well, I ate a lot of it because it was really good and I only get to eat it once a year. The tikoy was thinly sliced, just how it’s supposed to be.


This was lunch, I pretty much ate a lot, but good thing I was able to try the Sauna after for 35 minutes. I felt so good after, you can check my blog about my first sauna experience here. Next time I visit, she promised that we will both work out together with her machines, YEY! Looking forward for that. We had dinner at Food Republique, watch out for my blog about it, coming up next!



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