A celebration of food and 28th year

Last weekend was my 28th year, I invited a couple of my close friends to my house and had a gaming celebration, but mostly catching up with one another. But since this is a food blog, here’s what I prepared for the party. I made pasta with tomato sauce and dynamite rolls (green chili stuffed with cheese), and vegetable with ranch dip salad. Others were brought from Amber’s.


Vegetable with ranch dip salad ( ranch dip was homemade)


Dynamite rolls stuffed with cheese



                                                   Pansit Malabon – Amber’s best seller


                                                            Pork Barbeque from Amber’s


My boyfriend bought me 3 liters of ice cream, updated apparently it wasn’t from the BF he mentioned to me just now that it was from my dearest friend Stacy! OH MY GOD STACY, Thank youuuuuu! that’s a lot! I will be sharing this if Lady E decides when to visit me here again. Haha! And now for the cakes, yes cakes. I was surprised to have received 3 cakes, 2 from my sister and one from my man.



Choco Tortuto (Ice cream cake from Caramia)


My all time favorite, Chocolate mousse from Red Ribbon~


Brazo de Mercedes


Everything was pretty simple, I hope my guests had fun, my mind wasn’t working well as I was exhausted from preparing the whole day and didn’t have time to rest. I was able to give my friend Esther some take home food, but forgot to give some for my friend Stacy 😦 Maybe next time if I’m able to cook I’ll make sure to give her. I was happy to have spend time with my friends but I felt I was a bad host. Oh well. I will make separate posts for the cakes.



Feel free to comment or post your insights

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