Cravings are hard to resist

There’s a saying “Once a fat kid, always a fat kid!” Although, I wouldn’t say that I would agree with that. For someone who is a foodie but is on her quest to lose the bulge, a foodie will always be a foodie no matter what. Yes and that is yours truly,  but this is not my story about losing weight.

     A foodie that I am, there are some cravings that are hard to resist, and that craving would be PIZZA! Mom surprisingly decided to order pizza from Shakey’s and I chose my favorite flavor – Hawaiian Delight. But if I were with my man, he’d choose manager’s choice, he likes his pizza meaty, while I like it simple or veggie or with anchovy! yum~

Hawaiian Delight

     The party size of hawaiian delight costs P480, it has the same price in the website so that’s a reliable reference. It has 12 slices good for 6-8 persons and free delivery, a friend of mine suggested that I get a pizza card so when I order I get one same size pizza for free. That is something to consider, specially that my brother can eat 4-5 slices of pizza in one sitting and never gets fat! 😦

       Craving Satisfied! 



5 thoughts on “Cravings are hard to resist

  1. gita says:

    uy! parang i like that pizza card ah! i love shakey’s thins!!! papano pala mag apply ng card? that pizza looks yummeee! specially since it is shakey’s!

    • adventuresofaladyexplorer says:

      Yeah, actually Martin has one, I was there when he got his card at megamall. The benefits are much more better at Shakey’s compared to Pizza hut, lifetime ata sa shakey’s eh. It’s super easy, go to any branch then fill up a form, but you have to wait for a week or 2 at most I think and then you can use the card in any branch. I’ll borrow my boyfriend’s and take a picture, I’ll show it to you via plurk sis 🙂

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