Dining out: Luk Yuen Chinese food

I had a random dinner date with my mom last night at Luk Yuen (Chinese restaurant) at Cash and Carry Supermarket, that is now more of like a mall already (their cinema is pretty nice too and very comfy. For dinner, I wanted to order something different, but I keep coming back to my old time favorites, Wanton noodle soup and for fried dimsum, I had seafood roll. Which taste the same when I ate it when I was a kid (memories). That is one thing I love about Luk Yuen, it has managed to stay the same.


The Wanton noodle soup costs P150 only, worth every pesos because it is a big bowl of soup, they did not scrimp of the wanton’s either. There’s 5pieces of wantons for you to enjoy and very meaty with huge chunks of shrimp. The broth is just right and the noodles are thin and cooked just right.  Mom and I split one order though, admittedly I can finish 1 order of this (hehe).


I ordered seafood roll this time P110 for 3 pcs only. The roll is jam packed with flavors and shrimp, minced seafood wrapped in nori paper and deep fried to goodness. It comes with some kind of sweet and sour sauce.



For our drinks I ordered a papaya shake, while mom had the green mango juice (both fresh fruit juices), good thing they have fresh. The papaya was so good, it tasted like no sugar was added only pure papaya and some ice. The first time we dined there we were given complimentary appetizers, however last night I was expecting if they would serve us but they didn’t and the service was a little bit off, some are attentive, while others are not.


I enjoyed our dinner, nothing beats Chinese wonton noodle soup for comfort food Smile


4 thoughts on “Dining out: Luk Yuen Chinese food

      • gita says:

        mag tatake out ako nyan next time mapadaan ako by a branch. i wonder how they make the red sauce/dip… they sometimes call it sweet and sour sauce diba? i cant seem to copy it right eh. i wonder kung may secret ingredient or something. it goes well with a lot of dimsum kasi. and even main dishes!

  1. adventuresofaladyexplorer says:

    @Gita: Ako rin I have no idea how they make the sauce, from what I know it’s ketchup and a mix of vinegar, but how to make it taste like authentic chinese sweet and sour sauce i don’t know. Yes it goes well with everything, hirap lang gawin noh?

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