Date on a Budget: Home Cooking

We’ve been experiencing light rain weather here in the Philippines lately and I love it. I hope you folks didn’t have a hard time getting up on a cold Monday morning.

Weekends are something I look forward to, because I get to spend quality time with my man, aside from quality time we also talked about on going to the gym every Saturday for 2 hours of work out. It’s a lot more fun exercising with your loved one. And so, that was our agenda last week. The reason of also staying at his place on weekends was due from one of our serious couple talks, we’ve been spending a lot from our previous dates last month like two thousand and plus pesos for 2 days and that is no joke. So we decided to be creative and agreed to be on “Date on a Budget”. 

My man requested to make Dynamite rolls again for our lunch, I also made ham and cheese omelet and bought CDO ulam burger (not really the healthiest, but we did not want to exceed our budget). For the Dynamite rolls, I only spent for the cheese, sweet ham and lumpia wrapper. I still had a lot of green chili’s, herbs and some dressing at home so I just brought it with me. Below are the ingredients used for making the rolls, but you can pretty much be creative of what stuffing you like to put. My sister and I one time used Mozzarella cheese and cheddar, which was really good.




                                                                                                                                                        End result


My only beef about making the rolls is, it’s time consuming but so worth it after the hard work. Next is the ham and cheese omelet, there were still some left overs of ham and cheese and I combined them all. I added dried basil and some flat parsley, a little bit of salt and pepper.

DSCN6637           Ham and Cheese Omelet


The CDO ulam burger, burger patties covered in breading nothing spectacular, but okay. A pack of this is not more than a hundred pesos for 6 pieces. We ate pretty late for lunch and went to the gym around 3PM, after the gym we went bought ourselves a large cup of buko juice along the streets and it was so good and refreshing after working out. Before going home we headed to 711 and bought ourselves some cold drinks.


Personally, Dutch mill is the best yogurt drink for me. I love the strawberry and how it really tastes like yogurt goodness. As usual, my man is a chocolate boy and had his usual chocolate fix.

Check out: Inside A Cat’s Mind on what happened on our gym session

Valentine’s day is tomorrow, happy hearts day everyone Smile


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