Another Celebration at Titania’s Wine Cellar

Today is hearts day and hearts day for us in the family is our mom’s birthday. It’s been 2 years since I wasn’t able to attend her birthday due to my work schedule, this year since I’m on a temporary vacation I was happy to have attended mom’s advanced birthday yesterday at her usual Restaurant at Titania’s Yakal, Makati. She’s very close friends with the owner, (Tita) Tita Trillio. Every year she tells her guests to wear something RED! This year was no different, although it’s much more intimate and I was able to bring my date.

Inside the restaurant…





The restaurant is surrounded by different wines by class and age. The older / aged the wine is, the more character it has (buttery), while a young wine would taste fruity (wine 101 with Tita Trillio).

The food…


For my choice of drink, I opted for Champagne (I forgot the name though) but it was good and something different from our usual Red wine at home. Goes perfectly well with either chicken or fish.




I finished everything in my plate, because I love fish, pasta and greens! The vegetable soup was also delightful, as you can savor the vegetable and it had chunks of my favorite cauliflower. Dessert came in next, my favorite part of the meal. Chocolate torte with some kind of cherry syrup. It was also delicious but wasn’t able to finish this (someone had too much wine to drink last night) haha!


Mom’s friends also brought cake for her, us siblings contributed and also bought cake from Caramia Gelateria – Tentazione cake.


       The much raved cake from Estrel’s caramel cakes


    Lemon cake from Tita Edna


                                                                                                               From the family – mom’s favorite

You can check out what happened during the celebration in my other blog: Inside A Cat’s Mind

Happy Valentine’s day everyone Smile


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