Valentines dinner: Vikings Luxury Buffet

A resplendent gastronomical experience is how I can describe yesterday’s dinner. I am always humbled every time my BF’s family invites me to one of their celebratory dinners, like their wedding anniversary, Tita Beng’s birthday, New Year dinner and now my second Valentine’s dinner with them. It was a gastronomical experience because it was a buffet at Viking’s – Luxury Buffet at Mall of Asia, By the bay Seaside. Between DAD’s / Saisaki and Vikings, you can’t compare between the two, but DAD’/ Saisaki will always hold a special place to my heart.

Anyway, as luck would have it we had a reservation thanks to Martin’s dad. We were seated near the Japanese station adjacent to the window.



It’s relatively hard trying to take photos in each section (it’s hard to focus with the food displayed right in front of you – well that’s just me really), they had Seafood, Japanese, Chinese, American, and really a whole lot more. The choices are endless from food to drinks. Since it’s been so long that I’ve eaten Japanese, I frequented the place 3 times just for sashimi. There were a lot of rolls to choose from, my game plan is to stay away from rice.



The tuna sashimi was stunningly presented with a enormous yellow fin tuna

For the health conscious, they say never go back for seconds, I pretended that I never heard that saying (LOL), besides it’s not every day that I consume a lot of sashimi’s. Martin’s mom was the first one to arrive, she told us first to get some appetizers while waiting for the rest of the family. Below is my first plate.



Martin’s first plate



Potato salad and shrimp ceviche, the potato salad was delish!



Broccoli with cheese, seafood thermidor (super delish!), a slice of pizza, a piece of pork belly relleno and a piece of eggplant tempura and 3 pieces of baked oysters which was overpowered by the cheese but still very good. You can also choose any drinks you like, softdrinks, juice, coffee, or beer perhaps? We were supposed to try out their grill station but the line was long, but it was somewhat a good thing too because Martin’s parents did not enjoy it that much, some meats were tough specially the most important – Lechon. The skin was chewy instead of it being crunchy.



Overall, it was an experience that left me satisfied and happy! Now I’m off to hit the bike! I have a blogger friend who was also able to try out Vikings and it’s his top 5 buffet restaurants, you can check out his review at Cafemobility.



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