Persia Grill to Luk Yuen

My man and I was able to spend our post Valentine’s celebration yesterday at Persia Grill, I didn’t have a lot of time to take a lot of photos because first I was running late for our date and that he can’t stay long out for lunch, and also because I have a after lunch date with a girlfriend after. It was my first time to try Persia Grill, I’ve been asking my man to eat here before and I was happy to have finally tried this restaurant. Persia Grill, Eco Plaza just a few steps away from his office. The restaurant is spacious but I noticed that they have only 3 waiters to accommodate all of the customers. Service was rather slow and one of the waiters seemed to be avoiding us, because we are harassing him with our follow up orders and in getting our bill. I always believe drinks should always come first and we just ordered a pitcher of red ice tea, how hard is it to make one? We were already half way our meal when it arrived. Going through the menu, the prices seemed to be pretty reasonable and they have good food. Well, for our orders at least.

Martin ordered the Chelo Kebab combination, chicken and beef with long grain rice topped with butter and something else and it comes with some kind of sauce. I tried a piece of chicken and beef and it was really good.


        Chelo combination P230

 I ordered the Tabrizi salad solo with vinaigrette dressing, mixed greens with cucumbers, tomatoes, olives and feta cheese. The feta cheese is creamy everything about this is LOVE! The dressing was really good too, at least even if the service was unpleasant the food is really appetizing. The solo salad is pretty cheap too and they didn’t skimp on the ingredients either.


                Tabrizi salad P95


        The red iced tea for P165, nothing spectacular but still pretty good too, it’s weird they served one of the glasses with 2 straws.

  After our quick date, I rushed going to Glorietta Makati because my friend Esther was waiting for me at Luk Yuen G5. I wasn’t able to have dessert at Persia Grill because my man had to rush back to his office, I took the train going to Glorietta and the weather was really hot. I decided to cool off by ordering almond lychee jelly which was super good and really refreshing. Only 2 pieces of lychee with crushed ice and lots of shaved almond jelly. It was a treat, literally and figuratively speaking. Come to think of it, both my lunch and dessert was a treat from my man and my close friend (thanks guys, love you both).


                      Almond lychee jelly P70

     Our total bill at Persia Grill cost us P545, for a rice meal, a salad and drinks, can’t really complain because the food was good. You can check out their menu at: Persia Grill’s website


4 thoughts on “Persia Grill to Luk Yuen

  1. Midge says:

    The chelo kebab combination has been one of my favorites for ages! Oh, and next time you go, you MUST try the baba ganoush with warmed pita wedges and either the baklava (very buttery and nutty) or the sticky date pudding (best with caramel sauce, though they’ll offer you a choice between that and ice cream) for dessert.

    • adventuresofaladyexplorer says:

      Oh hey there, thank you for commenting. Oo nga eh, I read your blog about that date pudding and I really want to try that next time. Their pastillas cheesecake looks good too. Sure, next time I go, i will definitely try your recommendations. Thanks Midge 🙂

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