Traveling to S&R

Yesterday my friend Esther and I went to S&R and it was my first time. But my real reason for going to S&R is to try out their New York style pizza! S&R is a membership shopping experience. Lucky for us Adam (Esther’s car) was with us because it rained really hard late in the afternoon.

2012-02-16 11.45.20

2012-02-16 11.45.36


We both ordered a slice of cheese pizza and bottomless drinks, the cheese pizza costs P89 only while bottomless drinks would cost you P45. On the right side is the condiments area, there were already a lot of people lining up so I didn’t bother taking photos, maybe next time.




The pizza was huge and really good too, your P89 pesos is worth it! The dough / crust is a little bit chewy almost like Papa John’s just the way I like my pizza (in my taste preference). My sister said the pepperoni pizza is also good. Now I know why people are lining up and availing of a membership card just for this. They also have different items on their menu like hotdogs, rice meals, salad and a whole lot more. Purchasing from their food section, you will be using your membership card not cash.

S&R is a massive warehouse with mostly imported stuff you can’t buy in your regular grocery, take for example this cat food (I want to buy the Friskies) 48 cans for P1,800 is not bad, shreds or pate for the kitties anyone?






                     Ben and Jerry’s anyone?


      After our lunch we went to Ayala Museum….






Unfortunately no pictures for our trip there because photo taking is not allowed. So many CCTV’s and guards. Just because we’re locals doesn’t mean were up to no good, but then again maybe they are just doing their job. It rained almost the whole afternoon, good thing the weather today is good. I love traveling and I’m excited that my man will be able to get his car back sometime next week, yey! Commuting can be a pain



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