Hidden Treasure: Phat Wong Asian Café

It was an unexpected date with my mom, things were not going right as we had planned. Cancelled meeting, very bad taxi driver and the hot weather just adds up the tensioned atmosphere. We decided to go back to the office at LRI Design Plaza to have our late lunch, and mom brought me to a new restaurant tucked in between the building. It was formerly known as Ricco Renzo (a café show casing some artworks / paintings), Phat Wong Asian Café. I had no intentions to take pictures of the ambiance and now I regret it, at least it’s a reason for me to go back and bring my friends or my significant other.

The café is a mix of Asian furniture with style, surrounded with paintings that gives off a nice flair, and for artist’s / writers alike this is a nice place to hang out to as it gives an artistic vibe (feel). The ingenious chef behind is non other than Lolo Dad’s, Chef Ariel Manuel.

Here’s the menu borrowed from Phat Wong’s facebook page for reference. The prices are very reasonable, and basing from other blogger’s or writer’s reviews the food doesn’t disappoint. I hope to bring my friend Stacy and my man here next time, I’m sure they will enjoy the cuisine very much.


The waiter suggested that we try their Pho noodle soup, mom and I split one order. Thinly sliced roast beef and the broth is beefy but very light. Photos were taken with my Samsung ACE phone.



             Condiments of chili and fish sauce

           For our main course mom ordered the baby back ribs tocino, 1 order is actually good for 2 persons already, just make sure to add extra garlic rice since it only comes with 1 small bowl of rice. For the price it’s worth it as the portions are quite big. The ribs are one of a kind too, it’s the first time I’ve tried baby back ribs tocino style which was actually lip smacking goodness. The meat is very soft (falls of the bones) and flavorful and the sauce that came with it was very addicting. I actually want to drink it (I know it’s weird).



Another must try for Phat Wong is their Deep fried adobo or menudo pao P105 for 2 big buns that will leave you so full and satisfied. They didn’t scrimp on the fillings either and the buns was semi-sweet. I enjoyed the baby back ribs sauce that I dipped my deep fried pao and it was good (in my own taste).


          Phat Wong without a doubt left me with lasting impressions, it’s a kind of restaurant that would make me go back for more and try out their other best sellers like the shrimp pomelo salad. The façade may look intimidating but I guarantee you that you won’t leave this restaurant with empty wallets. I think the only drawback is the parking area.


I am not paid to blog about Phat Wong, I just sincerely love my gastronomic food experience. While you’re still reading at this part why not check them out in Facebook or Twitter 



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