Bonchon Chicken

Here’s a confession, It was only yesterday that I was able to try Bonchon, but I am glad that I was not alone for I was able to spend the day yesterday with my man and best friend Stacy. It was our first time and despite the long lines it didn’t stop us from getting in line, it was good the the staff are very alert and friendly and it took us only 5 minutes at least to get in our table. Since it was our first time, we went for the safe choice of choosing the soy garlic flavor instead of the spicy and we weren’t disappointed at all. We only wished that we got some spicy mayo dip and ordered half of spicy chicken (which will be our next food trip next time).

There were different items in the menu to choose from which was something that I’m looking forward to try the next time we eat there.



Stacy treated us for merienda and dinner, for our order we got COMBO A ( 6 pcs drumsticks and 12 pcs wings), I like how they plated their chicken very diner like. The prices are pretty reasonable too (photo above). The waiters will serve you your orders and give you plates and utensils as well. We were too hungry and in a hurry that I didn’t want to take time taking photos.




Well now, I can definitely say that Bonchon is the best for chicken no doubt. The chicken is juicy inside ,not greasy at all and the skin is very crunchy, very addicting. We weren’t able to finish everything, so we had the rest for takeout for Stacy’s mom.


Initially, I thought they will be selling pure chicken items in their menu, but for those who want to try something else you can try their fish tacos, burritos or chapchae, now that is something to try for me and compare.


Bonchon Megamall Located at:

Upper Ground Level, SM Megamall Bldg. A, SM Megamall


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