Food bites: Greenwich pizza

Here’s another food discovery, well it was my man who discovered it and good thing he did because, next time we crave for pizza but we’re kind of tight in the budget we will definitely go for Greenwich.  We stayed at the Megamall food court to have our merienda  and we ordered 2 double pizza’s, one 7 cheese overload and one cheesy burger. For those who don’t know, Greenwich is a locally owned pizza chain here in the Philippines. I’ve been always a fan of their lasagna and baked macaroni but pizza’s? Not so much. Having tried their pizza again, in my opinion, they have yet to perfect their dough. I don’t really like it that much, which is why we preferred to order in thin crust.


         Our drinks, mine was already half empty


Waiting for our food


The Cheesy bacon burger pizza in thin crust, this was okay. The dough was a bit soft, which I don’t really like, but it was acceptable. This order was my least favorite.



The 7 cheese overload, the dough was of the same kind but the 7 cheese was unexpectedly enjoyable. Whatever cheese they used was really good and this is best eaten hot. A double order costs around P250+ for 7 slices. Overall, I already like the toppings they use, if only they could do something about their dough. I will definitely be back for more of the 7 cheese for sure.



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