Machiavelli Chocolatier

Yesterday my sister and I went with our mom to attend her usual Tuesday group meeting at Sofitel, the discussion that day was about Tourism here in the Philippines, but don’t worry, I won’t be writing about that. Mom was given chocolates as gift or something, and it was a treat, a sweet indulgence.

Machiavelli Chocolatier




Alfie’s Bacon in Milk Chocolate

             I was able to try only a piece since I’m not that much of a fan of chocolates. The milk is chocolate is sweet that compliments well the bacon bits, the bacon bits were not that small that the milk chocolate over powers but I couldn’t hardly taste anything in the bacon. It tasted dry but very crunchy at least. Not my favorite thing in the world. But if you’re a huge fan of chocolates then you can surely indulge in this.




Harold’s Cheese Bar

                Between the bacon chocolate and this one, this dark chocolate bar, you can definitely taste the cheese. Packaged the same as the bacon but this one tastes as how it describes.


Machiavelli Chocolatier – box of assorted chocolates




                I like how they named each chocolates and you always have to give it up for the intricate details.


I was able to try the Grand Marnier and goodness that truffle chocolate is so bitter, not really my kind of chocolate. But hey, that’s just me.

I may not be a fan of chocolates, but what I love about Machiavelli is their packaging, very lavish  -over indulgent. Machiavelli chocolates can be found in Rustan’s stores.



2 thoughts on “Machiavelli Chocolatier

  1. gita says:

    im not very adventurous when it comes to chocolates. i just want mine as simple as they can be. siguro, the most lavish twist na for me would be raisins. hahaha…
    but i i agree, eye candy naman the packaging of Machiavelli. A for that.

    • adventuresofaladyexplorer says:

      Me too, i just finished a few pieces of the machiavelli, i am pleasantly surprised, masarap ang fillings, very gourmet nga. Yup, very nice packaging

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