Bonchon Chicken take 2

Hello there everyone! It’s been a while since I last updated my blog, hopefully I will have enough energy to update this weekly (promise).

A few weeks ago, my friends along with my man and I met in Megamall, Ortigas to continue our date. Our dear friend Che, wasn’t able to make it in our last catch up date. The four of us met up earlier this time, just in time for lunch and it was a really hot day and traffic was so bad. Well, it always is every Saturday because that’s the “party day” for most people.

For our lunch we went back to Bonchon to try their spicy chicken and spicy mayo dip. We gorged ourselves to chicken as if it was a Man vs. Food TV segment, I have never eaten chicken that many but it was worth it.

As usual, there were long lines but the waiters were fast and still accommodating despite the busy lunch hour. That’s what you call customer service!





It was Stacy’s treat again (thank you), we ordered 2 Combo A of Soy Garlic and Spicy chicken with 3 dips of spicy mayo. I already blogged about our first Bonchon experience and what I will rave about is their Spicy chicken. It was indeed very spicy but it was so good. The spicy mayo goes so well with the soy garlic flavor, it was spicy but for some reason we can’t stop dipping our chicken to the dip. It was only Martin and I who was able to dip, Stacy is not a fan of anything spicy but I thing she tried this for the sake of trying it.


Their chicken is really addicting and I think the best by far. We ordered 1 serving of rice, but consumed a lot of chicken. There were still a lot of left overs and Che brought it home with her.

Having tasted 2 versions, my favorite would be the soy garlic dipped with the spicy mayo.

Bonchon is the new KFC, don’t you agree?



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