Date On A Budget

Last Weekend was one of the most tiring day with my man as we went to Makati to shop for our things. Our goal aside from buying the things we needed was to eat good food but still within our budget. Having food courts at the mall is our best friend because first we get to have different choices for food and second the price is affordable compared to eating to restaurants. It’s not like we don’t want eating at restaurants but we are trying our best not to spend so much except for the things that we really need.

We spent the whole day together last Saturday and we had breakfast at Robinsons Pioneer to meet up with our dear friend Stacy. After meeting up my man and I ate at Mcdonald’s. We had our usual orders of Sausage egg mcmuffin with hash brown for me and Martin had a big breakfast. I wasn’t able to take a picture of his order.


After breakfast we went to his office because of an unexpected emergency from his client so I had to wait for him thankfully he didn’t take long.

We arrived Glorietta Food choices around lunch time already and decided to have lunch first before braving the SALE at SM Makati mall. We both chose Savory Chicken for our meal and it was actually pretty good. They have this “couple” meal for P300 (pesos) which consists of, yangchow rice, quarter chicken with gravy, 2 side dishes, dessert (turon; sweet banana wrapped in egg wrapper) and 2 drinks. It wasn’t really called couple I just forgot what they call it.

Savory is a well known restaurant for their chicken and gravy. The very first branch that opened was in Manila around the 80’s. After all these years their chicken and gravy has remained the same bringing us back to our childhood. My man and I have tried eating at different Savory branches and so far the taste has been consistent. Another must try food item from Savory is their Shrimp puff and lumpia roll (mixed pork or meat wrapped in egg wrapper).

We both grew up eating at Savory and had our own story to tell. Every time we eat there we share stories of where we ate and how our family enjoyed and still enjoy Savory Classic Chicken.



For our side dish we chose lumpia and spicy squid which by the way was not spicy at all. For our drinks we both had ice tea.

After our long day of shopping we went to his place to watch The Tester and play Mortal Kombat. It was actually more of a rematch game and I won.

The Tester is a reality game show where gamers compete with each other and win the ultimate prize. The grand prize will be an expensive car (forgot the brand), huge cash and be able to work for Sony Playstation which is every gamers dream.

Anyway for our dinner we had rice in a box, a stick of hotdog, chinese kikiam and chicken balls. We spent around P200 (pesos) for everything, we were still on our budget which was really good.


I enjoyed my weekend date with my man, to find out what I bought you can check out my other blog at Inside A Cat’s Mind



2 thoughts on “Date On A Budget

  1. Kaye Langit-Luistro says:

    Hi dear Kate! Know what? I looove your food choices! Haven’t been to Robinsons Pioneer yet although I used to go that area years ago. I should better check it out. Drooling over those kikiam and squid balls…yummy…

    • adventuresofaladyexplorer says:

      Hello Kaye, thanks for commenting in my blog. I really appreciate it.

      Really? thanks hehe 🙂

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