Sundays with my Family: An Advanced Birthday Celebration


Sundays are always spent with the Family. My mom told us that we will also be celebrating an advance birthday celebration for my sister.

We first attended worship at Bread in Greenbelt 1 and had our lunch at Pancake House.


I took a stolen photo during Brother Noel’s discussion about Married couples. Right after worship we headed straight to Pancake House to have lunch, will post the photos in my other blog. While waiting for our orders, mom bought me and my sister books to read.


The birthday girl~


After lunch we watched Mirror Mirror..Snow White to pass time. We needed to go to The Heritage Park around 4pm. When the movie finished mom bought us Pretzel’s from Auntie Anne’s. The pretzels were still good and yummy! The people working sucked at customer service. It was obvious that there were a lot of people dining there and we had to clean other peoples mess which is gross.


Look at how many of them were inside, there were also 2 guys inside and none of them bothered to clean. TSK! Refer to photo above to see what I mean.


Mom, Amanda and my brother Kert who hates smiling at the camera

Mom drove us to Heritage Park to attend a wake. We stayed there for a couple of hours, so while waiting for mom we decided to roam around the place. 

During our “tour” of the place I was able to make a new friend. The place is nice and because we were bored already, my sister and I had a mini photo shoot.

My new friend is really friendly had I known there were cats outside I should’ve brought them food.


Sundays are always nice and it really feels good to attend Worship~

To the birthday girl, Happy 21st birthday dearest sister. I love you~


Till then!





4 thoughts on “Sundays with my Family: An Advanced Birthday Celebration

  1. Carmen Watkins says:

    it's always nice to meet new "friends lalo na if they're as friendly as this one you met…:) my hubby's gotten used na to my stopping everytime i see a pusa on the  street–lol!!!btw..belated hbd to your sis….

  2. Kate Navasero says:

    True, most of the cats I see on the streets they usually run away, although some come near me afterwards. Hahaha, we are so the same pala but the BF is usually the one who goes near to the cat first. Thanks Carmen, will tell her 🙂

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