Sundays with my Family: Dining out

Last Sunday my family and I spent our usual Sunday attending worship then watching a movie after. Yesterday was a bit different as we celebrated my sisters early birthday celebration. You can check out my post about that in my other blog Inside A Cat’s Mind.

For our lunch we ate at Pancake house in Greenbelt 1. Everyone enjoyed their order except for me, I ordered a spinach pesto pasta which was not good at all. Good thing I ordered an extra taco.

My sister ordered green tea, Pancake House’s best selling spaghetti meat sauce and a single order of tacos.




My brother ordered the special set which consists of burger steak, pasta and a side dish or regular corn and carrots. I love how their Salisbury steak tastes like and their gravy is really good too. This set I believe costs around P240 or P250+ (pesos).

Mom ordered 2 tacos which has remained consistent since we were kids. It still tastes the same and still very much addicting.


For my order, the pasta was such a disappointment as the noodles were very soggy and it lacked something. I was torn between my favorite chicken sandwich and the pasta, next time will stick to better judgment. The tacos saved my lunch disaster.



After the movie, we grabbed a quick bite at Auntie Anne’s for good old cinnamon pretzels with cheese dip. Their Almond pretzel is also good too especially with cheese and chocolate dip.



Food trips are always fun, lucky for my siblings they don’t gain weight as for me I need to hit the bike and this Saturday my man and I will go jogging. Looking forward for the weekend already.



Feel free to comment or post your insights

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