Desserts – A Hit And A Miss

Hello everyone! Here’s another food post for the week. Actually this is a backlog from my previous date with my man a few weeks ago.

First up is Napoleons, I first discovered this when my friend Stacy gave us a box of Napoleons from our previous catch up date a few months ago. I think it was during the TRESE book 4 launch at Robinson’s Galleria. My man, Stacy and I attended the launch and then went to Megamall to hang out.

The Napoleons can be bought at Megamall. They have a small green colored kiosk with a sign Napoleons, which is adjacent to the escalator at the 2nd floor. You can opt to buy per piece or by box. A piece costs P17 (pesos), while a box for 6 pieces costs P100 (pesos).

What’s a Napoleon?

Napoleon is a french filled pastry with custard cream blanketed with confectioners sugar.





The pastry is just right, a little flaky and chewy and the cream filling is the reason why I fell in love with it. The cream is a little bit thick and the level of sweetness is just right. It’s the sugar coating that makes this pastry too sweet for others, but for me I simply love it. If you have a sweet tooth like me I’m pretty sure you will love this. Each layer is filled with cream and when you bite into it, the cream will ooze out a bit. I finished the whole box in 4 days.

If only they will open the same kiosk in Glorietta Makati then I would be very happy, as it is much convenient than going all the way to Ortigas. For this dessert I give it a 5, just because it’s my favorite and for a foodie it passed my very discriminating taste as the BF says.

A few weeks ago, my man and I had dinner at SM Bicutan and like always, I often crave for dessert after every meal. We passed by a newly opened cake store near the department store. The store is named “La Crema”, they sell cakes and cookies and I decided to give it a try. You can order a cake per slice, the price will depend on what flavor you choose. When I saw that they have blueberry cheesecake, I instantly ordered it and hoped for the price of P85 it would be at least decent.



It looks good but sadly this was so disappointing. I think they put gelatin so that the consistency would be at least firm enough. As for the taste, It didn’t even taste like cream cheese at all. It just really tasted so bad! It was a waste of money as I didn’t even finish half of my cake.

My friend Joy Lyn makes cheesecake 20 or a hundred times better than La crema. You  can try out her blueberry cheesecake at Captain’s Mix and Magic. I also made a review of the cake in my other blog Inside A Cat’s Mind.

As for La Crema, if their blueberry cheesecake is that bad I won’t even bother trying out their other cakes. It was just a really bad experience sorry.


Feel free to comment or post your insights

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