North Park

Food post for the week.

It’s been a while (yet again) that I last posted about my food journey, so for today here’s my food post that had happened the past few days around the Metro.

North Park, we ordered their best seller Fried noodles. It is served separately with the sauce and the noodles. The noodles came out from the kitchen really crunchy, and as soon as the sauce drips in each noodle strand becomes a little soft but still has a slight crunch texture. Toppings consist of meat, mushrooms and seafood.


We dined at the North Park Glorietta 5 branch, it seemed that there wasn’t much dimsum to order so I decided to try their Pot Stickers which was a big disappointment. It tasted like it had a lot of flour and the meat inside was not to our liking. I think that was the point as the name of the dish is Pot Stickers, as it’s supposed to be “sticky” in some sense.


For drinks I went for their best seller drink fresh lemonade and it was refreshing. Not to sour and not sweet either. At North Park they also serve free house tea, my sister, mom and I enjoyed it a lot.




The food was served fast and the waitress was very friendly and the best part for those check-in fanatics, they have free wifi for you to enjoy. Everyone knows about North Park and if I were to be asked what’s my Favorite menu item? Well, it’s their Salted fish rice and Lemon Chicken.

What’s yours?



4 thoughts on “North Park

    • Adventures Of A Lady Explorer says:

      And you actually know the item name from their menu *claps*

      Same here we order it either on birthdays or christmas. Will try the lechon macau when we eat there again. Thanks for commenting 🙂

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