Pan de Manila–Chocolate con Leche

A not so new discovery from last night. I was at The Enterprise Center in Paseo de Roxas and before heading home, I decided to buy something from Pan de Manila. My sisters and I wish that Pan de Manila will reach out here in Pasong Tamo Makati, or at least somewhere near that we can accessibly go to.

Anyway, I fell in love with their Chocolate con Leche. It sells for P17 per sachet and unfortunately I only bought one just to try it out, only to find out that it was so good. For an instant chocolate con leche it is so worth the price.



I can’t help but gush about this while I was drinking this morning. It was an orgasmic feel good experience. I also bought their 3-in-1 coffee but my sister grabbed it as soon as I put it on the table. Will buy more of that next time and blog about it.

I definitely recommend this for hot chocolate fanatics!

I also tried their chicken empanada which sells for P25 and their cheesy pesto bread. Pan de Manila is well known for their freshly baked breads. They also offer sandwich spreads like herbed butter to name a few and they now have sharp cheddar cheese. Now my only wish is that there will be a Pan de Manila near our area pretty please!


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