Weekend Food Trip With My Family: Luk Yuen – Glorietta 5

Weekend food trip with my family is noticeably the same. My mom was suggesting that we eat at Hap Chan but my sister wanted Luk Yuen yet again- Oh boy!

While waiting for mom my siblings and I ordered for food and took some test shots using my new DSLR Canon 1100 D.


It didn’t take long before our food arrived. Unfortunately, I noticed that maybe the Chef was feeling off because the food was a little off. It wasn’t bad but it tasted like it lacked something. And for their location, it would’ve been better if they boosted up their air con temperature considering that the weather is terribly HOT!


Free Appetizerfried wanton’s with some kind of sprinkled spices


Pork Siomai and Papaya Shake


Wanton Noodle Soup P150


Sweet and Sour Fish


Fried Noodles Chicken (something)

Luk Yuen is like comfort food for me and it’s a place where I enjoy eating with my family every Sunday. I think next time I will order my other all time favorite Seafood Roll – yum!

Not on the photo’s is my brother’s beef bento and mom’s green mango shake.

Do you love Luk Yuen too? What’s your favorite item to order there?



Feel free to comment or post your insights

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