Quickie Post: Weekend Food Trip

Thank God It’s Friday! It’s been 4 days of unbearable heat and thankfully today it rained. For today’s post are my 2 days of food trip with friends and my man. Last Sunday was exciting we were finally able to watch THE movie of the year, AVENGERS. I wasn’t able to document most of the food that we ordered but here’s what I was able to take pictures of.

From our breakfast, lunch/merienda at Pizza Hut Bistro. It was only the Carbonara that I was able to get a snapshot of. Red Ribbon’s Ultimate Chocolate Cake which we bought for our friend Kenneth (belated Happy Birthday) and Chocolate Rhum Balls from Captain’s Mix and Magic. Which actually was a surprise gift from Martin.


Labor day was celebrated with my boyfriend, and this time just the two of us to enjoy the day. He asked me to watch AVENGERS again at SM Bicutan.

I was still craving for Pizza Hut’s Carbonara and pizza, good thing even if my boyfriend is tired of eating pizza. He still joined in with my craving.


For our lunch we had a quick snack at the food court. We ordered Chansel which is a pretty decent pizza place if you want pizza but on a budget. For dinner, we tried out Pizza hut’s value meal for 2 for P198 (not too sure of the exact price). It was not bad, as we did pay the said amount. We added a regular sized BBQ ribs pizza to our meal, so technically we paid for more, which amounted to P500+ including service charge and VAT.

I also brought home some Bibingkinitan for my family to enjoy~



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