A 29th Celebration and an EPIC CAKE!

Last Friday was my BF’s 29th and since I finished work early, I was able to pay him a surprise visit at his office. I went to Caramia to buy Tentazione (Belgian Chocolate cake) at Caramia, Don Bosco branch. I arrived at around past 5pm at Caramia and luckily there weren’t a lot of people dining in.


A whole cake of Tentazione costs P700, just add P30 for your birthday message.

My cake was not opened until the actual celebration. With constant bumps in the car,  the message board or whatever you call it cracked in half.


Friday is always pizza day, in my BF’s office. Sometimes, he orders Pizza Hut or Angel’s Pizza. This time he ordered Gorky’s, Gorky’s is the nearest pizzeria located near their place.

It was my first time to try their pizza and surprisingly it’s not that bad. It reminded me of yellow cab only a cheaper version, in terms of price. I think I ate 3 slices and I really enjoyed it a lot.

An 18” inch pizza costs P680 only. The bad news is, they only have one branch (in Makati Pasong Tamo, Extension) and deliver only within Makati area.



Apart from just any ordinary part celebration, we were very much excited to see the real cake. Our friend’s wife is an awesome baker and for this year, Martin decided to have a customized cake. It’s not cheap, but it was so worth it.

Captain’s Mix and Magic made a GOW (God of War) fan boy really, REALLY, HAPPY! When I entered the house, it looked like a doll house to me. Only to find out that THIS IS the cake. AWESOME!

Everything in the cake was edible except for the figurine and statues. Now that IS cake! What ever cake mixture they used, it was so good that it went well with the marshmallow icing. My new addiction aside from their chocolate rhum balls.



And to prove that this IS a cake, which I very much enjoyed (actually, this is now my second favorite from Captain Mix and Magic). I took home two bags of his cake.


The cake was epic! and after cleaning up, too bad it was all gone. All I can say is that, job well done Joy and Ed~

As for the party, the food served was his mom’s special spaghetti, my dynamite, roasted chicken and beer. It seems so little but we were all full.


Well, that wraps up how the celebration went. Other photos will be posted in my other blog.



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