My Food Adventure at the day of KOMIKON

Hey everyone! Yes, I’m still alive! I vowed to stop explaining for my lack of posts / absence from my blog.


Weekends are meant for food adventures, and so I did along with my man and a very close friend of mine. One of the things I look forward for Summer is the event for comic fanatics, called KOMIKON. A comic convention where NEW and OLD comic artists get together and share their passion for art and story telling. My boyfriend is a fellow artist too and he was able to tell his story with 1 week of cramming (not advisable by the way). As soon as he picked me up, there was no time to eat breakfast since we needed to have his comics photo copied all 50 pieces.

It was around 2pm that we were able to have breakfast/lunch. I was happy that our friend Stacy was able to tag along with us that day. The event was held at Robinson’s Pioneer, and so we drove to Megamall to have lunch at Bar-B-King. I wanted them both to try the Angus Beef Belly, which I was able to try at the Bar-B-King event a month ago. I know they will love it as well as I do.

The belly part that my BF got was small and he complained of how small the portion was, but as soon as he got a bite he raved that it was good! We also ordered the Pork Liempo, Barbeque and Kalabasa with Sitaw.

This order was so so for me and it’s something I won’t be ordering again.


What I love about Bar-B-King is their liempo and barbeque. They are soft and really flavorful. The prices are really affordable too!


After a very filling meal, Stacy and I bought desserts at the Sugarhouse stall. I got myself a slice of blueberry cheesecake, while Stacy bought the Merengue kiss.

I was only able to eat my cake when we got to Stacy’s house in QC. Luckily, it didn’t melt from the intense heat. I really love the crust they use. It’s very light and quite buttery, but almost melt in the mouth.


My eyes lit when I saw this Mochi store, which I will blog about on my next blog post.

Photo credit to my friend Stacy, thanks for taking this photo 🙂


Stacy and I both have a sweet tooth and when she saw the Cotton candy stall (which I forgot which part of the mall was), she bought one for herself and me. Thank you again Smile with tongue out


We stayed at her place the whole night. Played games, slept and ate. Her mom cooked dinner which Martin and I enjoyed very much. Here’s what we had (see photo below).



The food served was beef yakiniku and takoyaki which was, yet again super delicious. Thank you for feeding us. Hehe!

I had so much fun last Saturday and I am thankful to have spent it with the 2 best people in the whole world! You rarely meet people as precious as gold.


Feel free to comment or post your insights

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